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User-Experience Research and Content Strategy for Improved Ministry

Improve Usability

User-experience research to help ministries improve their web presence. By understanding the needs and frustrations of real users, ministries can design usable websites and create effective digital media.

Deliverables + Techniques: User personas, Usability testing, User-Centered Design 

Manage Content 

Congregations generate a tremendous amount of content in the form of sermons, studies, videos, and more. Developing a content strategy allows a ministry to maximize its efforts.

Deliverables + Techniques: Content Strategy, Content Gap Analysis, Experience Maps

Improve Ministry

I am a scholar and practitioner of both digital rhetoric and theology. I help people use digital media for effective ministry. Please contact me if you are looking to improve your congregation’s website, develop a strategy for digital engagement, or better understand the relationship between online and offline ministry. I have consulted for Christian denominations, ministry organizatons, and congregations.

Please fill out the form below for all consulting inquiries. Consulting is personalized to fit your particular needs and can often be done remotely through video conferencing.